At Buff You Intimates, we believe strongly in helping all women, including those less fortunate than us. We have partnered with Women in Need (Win), New York City's largest non-profit organization serving homeless families. Win houses over 4,500 homeless women and their children each night and provides comprehensive programs and services to help them break the cycle of homelessness.

New York City has over 58,000 homeless citizens, nearly half of them children in the care of their mothers. Despite holding low-income jobs, many women are unable to afford proper clothing for themselves after putting money towards their children's needs.

Living without clean and proper fitting undergarments can amplify the mental toll many homeless women live with. We aim to relieve the burden of women who must choose between clothing their children or themselves. As part of our launch, Buff You Intimates will donate one undergarment to Win for every Buff You item purchased. We hope that by providing this service to the residents at Win, we can bring some positivity and encouragement to women in unfortunate circumstances and raise awareness of their needs.

Future philanthropic endeavors include Buff You Intimates-sponsored clothing drives and volunteer work days at Win. Sign up for our newsletters to be the first to know about Buff You Giving activities.

To learn more about the homeless epidemic, ways to get involved or to make a donation, visit